Another reason to vote Libertarian

Powerful and wealthy international forces are using multiple divisive cultural issues to split us apart and keep us divided as citizens.  The only way to maintain any power as citizens over oppressive governments everywhere is to find a middle ground, stay on the middle path, and stick together.

Otherwise, once we’re completely divided and can’t tolerate it anymore, as it always has been, the centralized State “solution” will include us giving up portions of our civil liberties.  It’s happened over and over again in history, a big chunk of our Bill of Rights was shredded with the Patriot Act, and it’s continuing to happen as I type.

The “ground zero mosque” debate is yet another red herring, a Beck/Olbermann Bread & Circus distraction.

It’s the same with the recent man-made explosions in the Gulf.  If the corporate-owned media and our bi-polar government can get us all arguing about whether or not we should continue idiotic deep water drilling to protect birds and fish, we won’t notice the US Dollar slowly being decoupled from oil which will soon render the USD worthless.  When that happens, the comparative irrelevance of the Gulf and the Mosques will quickly become apparent.

There are other examples on a dozen different subjects in as many sectors.  All Bread & Circus distractions.

While Liberals and the Conservatives continue to beat each other up, multi-national corporations, their media subsidiaries, the world’s central banks and the governments whose currencies they control, all continue to work in tandem to produce policies which are designed for peak profitability for archaic global banking families and efficient global governance, but will NEVER be the friend of individual liberty.



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