Don’t hate on the birds

When people offend us, we must reach deep down into our compassion and respective levels of training and consider big mind and our natural state. The analogy on which I rely heavily, daily, are “birds in nature.” Some birds are smart looking and acting, some seem sinister and predatory, others are nasty, greasy scavengers. And, some are downright goofy with their wild plumes, and squawking, and strutting antics.

The point being is though we’ve all had various reactions to these kinds of birds, they don’t make us angry and want to harm them! Why? Because, they’re just birds! It’s natural to have diversity in nature which is always tolerant and inclusive. Right? Well, until it’s not. But, that’s another subject for another time.

As an example, when I’m in a restaurant and some bedazzled,
big-heiress wannabe is rude to a waiter or squawks on their cell phone for the room to share, I’ve used this birds in nature technique to dissipate my frustration and indignation. I just smile and look at them like the foolish creatures that they are.

Because, in reality it’s just my ego that’s being offended by these “birds” whether they be predatory, a scavenger, or simply a goofy loon. And, ego isn’t me.  Ego isn’t even a real object. Ego is just a series of habits which can and should be broken.

Whenever I find myself feeling strongly negative about ANY group, I try to take a step back and study just how far tolerance and inclusiveness goes and I try to remember that in the real world, the natural world, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

And, it’s not always just the crows that cheat, steal, and lie.

Mind and Spirit

People must develop compassion and intellect equally. Otherwise we risk being kind-hearted rubes or mean-spirited experts. Intuition and analytic acumen are equally important, because the transcendent experiences of life are immeasurable, whereas for physical survival we rely exclusively on measured things.

Afternoon Sun

The afternoon sun reflecting
In snowflakes blowing from the trees,
Glistens beyond a million diamonds
And reminds me of the unmeasurable wealth,
That is mine merely by being its witness.


Funeral for a friend’s Dad

I attended a funeral for a friend’s Dad yesterday. I rarely go to funerals for various reasons, but I really wanted to go to this one. I admired the man who passed away and I really like his son.

You can tell a lot about a man who’s died by the good character and attitude of his son. I saw pictures of the man when he was younger, noticed and appreciated the resemblance and qualities he shared with his children.

For a moment I watched my friend, the son of the man who passed, and thought of my own boys, wondering who would be looking at them when they attend my funeral. Morbid as that thought might sound to some, I smiled.

I smiled because if they admire my boys like I admire my friend and think of me as I think of my friend’s Dad, I will have really done something.

I just want to leave good vibes and waves behind me when I go. Happy children are the finest kind.

Enough is enough

People aren’t objects to be manipulated and exploited. They are merely multiple variations of you. So, get control of yourself and treat other people as you would treat yourself.

And, while you’re at it, start treating yourself better, too. Now that I think about it, there’s no way you can ever hope to treat other people right if you don’t like yourself first. So start there.

There’s nothing new here. Nothing to debate. Everyone knows what to do. It’s just a matter of whether or not you want to keep on ignoring it.

Wake up. Freedom is yours for the taking.

In event of moon disaster

I bet all administrations through history have created a Plan B for potential events which are known only to them. Its the free radicals and black swan events that make history. The plans for the non-events like this document illustrates, usually never see the light of day. That’s what makes this doc so interesting to me. This memo doesn’t represent partisan success or failure to me; merely the human condition. A reminder that we’re all in the same boat regardless of how violently we try to reject that notion.

Chain link love

Causality is a concept both western and eastern philosophers have referred to for thousands of years. Simply put, causality is the relationship between an event and the results of that event.

Behavior and the consequences of that behavior have been on my mind a lot lately and it occurred to me this morning that there is a causality chain between our silence and the singularity from which we came and to which we will all eventually return.

I subscribe to the concept that God is Love. And, I strongly believe that one must have compassion to experience true Universal Love. The link or bridge to that critical compassion is empathy. Compassion is impossible without empathy.

Empathy shouldn’t be confused with sympathy or pity.  Empathy is a vicarious experience which wires one’s heart and mind to another.  Empathy cannot occur without deep listening. True listening as opposed to just hearing.

Finally, we simply cannot listen while we are talking. We must be silent. Silence is the only space within which deep listening can occur.

Of course, all of this takes practice. Practice sitting in silence. It’s not easy, especially in modern society. But, sitting in silence prepares you to listen to others on a level that creates a bridge of empathy over which compassion is transmitted to cultivate and experience and share the Love of God.