Living off the grid has another meaning

I used to associate “living off the grid” with something to do with electricity and then the Internet.  Obviously, it’s much more than that, but I bet most people think the same way.  It’s now relatively impossible to live off the grid.  The whole world is on the grid.  Even the few indigenous people currently living in jungles are on someone else’s grid.  And, in their plans.

But, we can keep one very important thing off the grid — our minds.  In addition to the power, transportation, and financial grids, there’s also a food grid, social grid, and information grid.  These existing grids or systems are actually easier to move away from or at least modify.  I believe our physical, mental and spiritual health depends on us seeking diversification within these systems as often as possible.

It’s about seeking alternatives to the norm.  If there was ever a need for alternatives and diversity it is in where and what we eat, where we gather our information, and with whom we interact.

And, it’s so dirt simple to do.  Go to a small, ethnic grocery store and look around and study the food and fix something different and healthy to eat.  Seek out and find a small, privately owned book store.  You’ll find used books about subjects which are almost forgotten, written by genius-humans who didn’t have access to the Internet and maintained vocabularies in their heads that match those of 1,000 of today’s undereducated,  famous pundits – combined.

And, hang out with a different crowd.  Visit a retirement center and volunteer to read to someone.  Learn about history from someone who was there.  Go watch a sporting event on the other side of town.  Visit a Hindu worship service on Saturday night with your kids.

Maybe your body can no longer live off the grid.  But, YOU can.  Your mind and spirit can.  You can change the things that really matter.

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