What’s on TV

The vast stage of entertainment that envelops our culture is intended to impart the opposite of ekstasis.  Mass entertainment plays to the basest and crudest instincts of the crowd.  It conditions us to have the same aspirations and desires.  It forces us to speak in the same dead clichés and slogans.  It homogenizes human experience.  It wallows in a cloying nostalgia and sentimentalism that foster historical amnesia.

It turns the Other into a cartoon or a stereotype.  It prohibits empathy because it prohibits understanding.  It denies human singularity and uniqueness.  It assures us that we all have within us the ability, talent or luck to become famous and rich.  It forms us into a lowing and compliant herd.  We have been conditioned to believe—defying all the great moral and philosophical writers from Socrates to Orwell—that the aim of life is not to understand but to be entertained.

If we do not shake ourselves awake from our electronic hallucinations and defy the elites who are ruining the country and trashing the planet we will experience the awful and deadly retribution of the gods.

– Chris Hedges, Retribution for a World Lost in Screens

One Reply to “What’s on TV”

  1. I am in absolute agreement. I actually am almost laughing. Very rarely will you find me in front of the tv. Our society is crumbling, our leaders are lining their pockets and taking us directions we do not wish to go, while we ruin our planet. And, the majority of us are concerned with being home to watch our programs.


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