Funeral for a friend’s Dad

I attended a funeral for a friend’s Dad yesterday. I rarely go to funerals for various reasons, but I really wanted to go to this one. I admired the man who passed away and I really like his son.

You can tell a lot about a man who’s died by the good character and attitude of his son. I saw pictures of the man when he was younger, noticed and appreciated the resemblance and qualities he shared with his children.

For a moment I watched my friend, the son of the man who passed, and thought of my own boys, wondering who would be looking at them when they attend my funeral. Morbid as that thought might sound to some, I smiled.

I smiled because if they admire my boys like I admire my friend and think of me as I think of my friend’s Dad, I will have really done something.

I just want to leave good vibes and waves behind me when I go. Happy children are the finest kind.

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