As men age some even grow up

It depends on the individual, but I’ve noticed that men tend to move along a natural progression, from a period of testosterone-rich mating mania to a time of more introspection and empathy. I realize this is a generalization, because obviously many men stay stuck in time and never develop empathy at any level.

But, I believe the capacity for feeling, compassion, commitment, love, and the empathy through which those actions are transmitted, are all within us from the beginning from when we are born. It all merely gets covered up by varying degrees by family, culture, society, time-based delusion and the habit of ego.

And, purely organic components like testosterone play a huge part as well. What estrogen does to women we’ll leave for another time. But, biological time clocks, nesting, and hot flashes come to mind.

So, I believe for the most part that younger men are focused on procreating, competition, making money, advancing careers, seeking fame and fortune, etc. Any capacity for dwelling on their interior life is diminished.

Whereas older men more often understand the game is rigged, and no amount of fame or fortune is ever enough, and are often able to feel things younger men are simply too distracted to feel.

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