Ancestors and Relatives

I received a great email from my Uncle yesterday who just turned 90. He told me about some books he had downloaded to his kindle and some of his views about current political events. But, he also told me that my Grandad Theo, his Dad was born in Atoka, Oklahoma.  He later lived near Ardmore until his teens, then moved to Cotton County which is where I’m from.

I drive by Atoka every time my boys and I go on our hunting trips and it was really great to know this information. He suggested I check at the county courthouse for records some time and I am going to do that.

He also told me Theo’s grandad ran a sawmill in or around Durant. That was a long time ago. He has done some genealogy work and discovered Kinnairds who immigrated from Scotland to Charleston in the 1700s, then worked their way across Alabama to Ashley county, Arkansas.  That’s practically next door to the eastern Oklahoma area where my grandad grew up.

I love learning new information about my ancestors. And, I love hearing from my Uncle. Technology is a true blessing for staying in touch with relatives.

In this photo are my granddad and grandma, Theodore and Grace Kinnaird taken when he was in the Army during WWI.

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