Get the beauty of the way it is

As an actor, fear comes up because I want to do a good job, an enlightened piece of work. You get attached to that, you overwork it, you overthink it. Then you come to the set, and people aren’t saying the lines as you imagined. It’s raining, and its supposed to be sunny. You thought you were invited to a cha-cha party, you’ve learned the steps, and they’re dancing the Viennese waltz! You can spend a lot of energy being upset, or you can get with the program—it’s that right effort thing—get the beauty of the way it is.

~ Jeff Bridges

7 Replies to “Get the beauty of the way it is”

  1. Words for life! I call it “playing Blind Nillo” — when you decide to score no points before you even see your hand. You just gotta play off whatever comes your way. And if you can do it without “winning” — you win! Thanks for sharing this.

    1. Me, too. It’s worth practicing that’s for sure. There are a lot of powerful things that come along with the ability to control how we react to things that don’t meet our expectations. The most powerful of which is to stop having so many expectations! LOL

  2. Depression is living in the past.
    Anxiety is living in the future.
    Peace is living in the present.

    Now if I could just live by these words!

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