God’s calling

Maybe God isn’t an external entity out there calling you to do anything.  Maybe that’s just a projection, a concept to help us get our heads wrapped around this delusion of separateness and the falsehood of ego that rattles around in our skull and convinces us that we are alone.

And, maybe God isn’t “out there”, but rather is “in here”, and your urge to do the right thing is the core of your true nature (God) which is Love and Compassion.

Perhaps the reticence you feel about being fully engaged in helping people is merely ego clinging to false security, which is, of course fear. You’re afraid of getting involved.  That’s normal.

It’s important to know and remember that the opposite of Love isn’t Hate.  The opposite of Love is Fear.  And, everything dark and evil and negative springs from Fear, including Hate.  And, envy, greed, jealousy, guilt, and embarrassment.  And, yes, the feeling of unworthiness.

You might feel as though you’re not worthy to do really great things for people, but that feeling is a lie.  We’re all worthy simply because we’re here.  And, to think, were you actually born to join the likes of Jesus, Buddha, MLK, Gandhi?

Well of course you were! We all were. We just forgot and went to sleep.

Now it’s time to wake up.  Wake up and get busy!

(photo by:  http://www.jimhubbardphoto.com)

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