Oligarchy by default

The traditional value system, originated out of long and tragic human experience, was encapsulated in traditional religion.

As religious mythology, cult and ritual were demolished by critical rationalism the values of which these were the virtually sole and fragile carriers also suffered, came into disrepute as goody-goodyness and were insensibly superseded by the harsh values of success, of which the mass media stood as the principal guarantors.

Instead of the clergy now defining values for society the job was taken over by half-literate, often personally demoralized editors and publishers.

Religion, in the process, was reduced from a vital, widely shared world view to routine churchgoing on the part of the less educated. As the healthy baby of traditional values was thrown out with the dirty bathwater of myth and cult, the only repositories remaining for traditional values were the university and traditional philosophy, neither of which had much impact in the daily lives of people and both of which were strangers to the editors and publishers of the mass media, nearly all militantly ignorant men.

~ Ferdinand Lundberg, 1968

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