Each present moment requires a new creation

Personality. The word personality comes from the word persona. In Greek, Persona means “drama” — they used to use a mask to play a certain role, because the same actor used to play multiple roles in the drama, so there are different masks here.

So, you want to play a particular role, you take the particular mask, hold it this way with the handle, and speak in a particular way. Now, the next role you want to do, you sit this mask down, take another mask, and hold it, and speak. So that’s what a persona means, a mask. Personality means the mask that you are holding, got stuck to your face!

To play a certain role, you put on a mask, and after some time, you’re not able to take off the mask. That is a personality! You should have built your personality very consciously, but unfortunately for most people, over 90% of their personality is built unconsciously. It is molded by the situations in which they are living and they’re exposed to.

If one becomes truly meditative, one of the basic qualities of meditation is, it creates a distance between you and your personality. Once there is a distance between you and your personality, then you can make your personality as it is necessary for a particular situation.


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