The eternal happening

What is more real: that which falls apart after one life cycle or that which persists? A single serving friend or a lifelong companion? It is not this mortal coil that is substantial and enduring. Nor is any appearance, any pleasure, or any pain. Each one of those is fleeting and empty.

Every form carved out of matter is as temporary and as insubstantial as a hallucination or a dream. Things are only real as long as they endure. A sports game is only as real as it endures, but the sport itself is far more real than any individual game. And far more real are the invisible processes that allow any game to be played.

Processes are far more real than form because processes do not cease no matter what forms you witness. The most basic activity some people call “God” or “Tao” or the Universe. It doesn’t care what name you call it, because it is unchangeable and eternal.

~ Stewart Lundy

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