New land

Last summer, Robbi and I were on a trail in the Rocky Mountains we’d hiked many times before. But, this time instead of turning left at a small fork we decided to turn right.

We weren’t expecting different terrain on the new trail. We were just feeling good and wanted to see what was around the corner…some new land we hadn’t seen before.

What we found was the view in the photo in this post, which of course doesn’t do it justice. The view was breathtaking and we were both glad we decided to do something different.

We were also amazed such a beautiful place had been only a few yards around the corner all those years before without us knowing about it.

In a way, we had just followed the trail out of habit without being mindful about what else was available to us. You could say we hadn’t been as mindful on that trail as we could have been.

I believe spontaneity requires mindfulness.

Being mindful doesn’t block spontaneity. Just the opposite. Mindfulness enables you to escape the prison of habit.

Here’s to mindful, spontaneous and happy trails to you in 2016.

~ Scott Kinnaird

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