Dana Seva – Selfless Service

I was on an email thread with a handful of smart sales leaders, and one person said the best sales reps are selfish and don’t spend their time helping their own teammates.

While I agree it’s important to prioritize one’s time, I’d argue the best reps are actually selfless and show care to customers and colleagues alike.

Our top sales performers are helpful, empathetic and have a heart of service. It’s inherent in the nature of the greatest salespeople, but you can’t be a human built on service and only show it while selling.

Simply put, in modern sales a heart of service is the best way to deliver value to your customers.

Case in point is someone I really admire – our Enterprise Sales Executive Kevin Walkup. Kevin is one of the kindest, most selfless and most caring salespeople in the world. His colleagues continually praise him for his empathy and how he much he gives. He’s also our top producer – two years strong! – and has generated us over $3mm ARR. Those who know him would say it’s bc he’s focused on serving ALL those with whom he interacts.

Selflessness is infectious, bringing joy and success to those around you both inside and outside of the workplace.

Can a sales professional be a success even if they are selfless?

~ Kyle Porter, CEO of Salesloft

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