Be the carrot

This photo is Rabbit Heaven and is a great metaphor for heaven, in general. The first time I saw this photo, I absolutely loved it. It reminded me of people and their relationship with and concept of enlightenment, nirvana, heaven, etc.. We’re literally swimming in it. We ARE IT. Yet, we create this false bubble of delusion in which we reside to keep it at arm’s length.

Extending the metaphor, many refer to that bubble or that rabbit’s circle as the “ego”. While we as rabbits sit within a sea of carrots, half of us chase carrots and the other half chase relief from chasing carrots. When in reality, the carrots surround us and there’s nothing to chase. All we have to do is be still and “be carrots.”

~ Scott Kinnaird

2 Replies to “Be the carrot”

  1. You know, I’ve gardened now for almost 50 years, and I’ve certainly seen my share of rabbits and grown lots of carrots. At this point, however, I have never had a rabbit that nibbled on any of my carrots. Those little critters will eat almost everything else, but believe it or not, they do not eat my carrots. I’m suspecting this is a literary myth not related to reality.

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