The oldest profession

The oldest profession isn’t what we all grew up thinking it is. The oldest profession most likely emerged from a group of cave dwellers sitting around their camp fire on a star filled night, gnawing on a saber tooth tiger haunch, commiserating over one of their fallen buddies. It could have gone something like this:

Resting after a long, bloody day of hunting, one member of the tribe asked the others where they thought such a great hunter might have gone after one of those tigers ate him. One comrade stated the obvious, which was the tiger’s belly. Another wondered about “the rest of the great hunter”, the energy that made him so funny and his aim so true.

At that point an esoteric, perhaps eccentric member of the tribe, probably not one of the best hunters, announced he would describe and explain in great detail the place to which their invisible friend traveled.

All it cost everyone was a mere 10% of their tiger haunch and the first shaman told them more than they could ever understand or care to know.

~ Scott Kinnaird

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