The first step

The first step toward contentment is to stop the process of continuously dreaming up expectations which fail to match up with reality. If we drop our expectations and accept life as it is, then we’ve taken the first step toward true contentment.

Happiness is a form of entertainment which comes and goes like the wind. Contentment in all things like St. Paul described from his dungeon, is possible regardless of whether or not particular circumstances in the moment are good or bad. Contentment abides.

When we get rid of expectations of how life is “supposed to be” — from standing in a long line at the grocery store, to not getting that bonus at work, to our eventual faltering health — we can step back and observe life unfold perfectly instead of attaching to it with our wishes.

Then we’re able to see that life is perfect with all its good and all its bad. How can it be anything but perfect? It’s what really happened. It IS reality.

My suffering starts when I wish it was any other way.

~ Scott Kinnaird

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